MRCP UK Notes for windows, android and IOS

We are honored to announce that we have published 2015 new and updated MRCP Revision Notes for MRCP UK parts 1 and 2 in the form of android, windows and IOS APPs.

MRCP Revision Notes

  • MRCP Revision Notes is the most efficient, detailed and conclusive educational source for MRCP UK Parts 1 and 2.
  • These notes contains over 700 topics of the most common topics that appear in MRCP UK parts 1 and 2 exams.
  • These notes are updated and will be continuously updated according to the recent guidelines.
  • Although these notes are conclusive but they are written in a brief way to be easily studied.
  • Detailed topics that contain simple definition, most common signs and symptoms, suitable diagnostic procedures with illustrated images and detailed management lines according to updated guidelines.

Illustrated images

The most important feature that MRCP Revision Notes offers unlike most other resources is illustrated images.

MRCP Revision Notes contains over 350 images which represent the most common diagnostic procedures, dermatological signs and demonstrating diagrams.

Each image is explained with arrows and notes that makes it easy to be studied.

Images are of educational purposes in MRCP part 1 and of great value for MRCP part 2 as they frequently and continuously appear in MRCP part 2 exams.

Image content of MRCP Revision Notes includes:

  • 150+ dermatological images which represent a full dermatological atlas
  • 90+ X ray images for chest, abdomen and bone
  • 50+ CT scan images for chest, abdomen and brain
  • 30+ ECG images which are in image explained
  • 20+ MRI images for spinal column and brain
  • 20+ blood film and bone marrow biopsy images
  • 12+ fundoscopic examination images
  • Biopsy, angiographic, ERCP, MRCP, thyroid uptake scan, diagrams and others

priceDownload links (how to install)

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Please note

  • For windows app you need to download Java before installation
  • IOS app is still upcoming

About the APP

  • The app is very tiny and easy to install.
  • It was assumed that the app content is a 600-800 pages book.
  • It contains 50+ free topics.
  • After installation, subscription is needed with ultra secure payment method.
  • Any problem or error occurs, contact us with the with in APP contact us page.

Finally we assure you that our source is the richest and the most efficient educational source for MRCP part 1 and 2 and we also assure you that you will not need any extra educational source.